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PT Amorsk Indonesia (“Amindo”) was established in 2007

Focusing primarily on Building Construction and Telecommunications Infrastructure, Amindo’s core business expertise lies in: Building Construction, Construction Services, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Construction.

With an established presence in Jakarta, Amindo’s expertise has also allowed them to position itself to operate within major islands around Indonesia such as Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

As a result of its proven capabilities, Amindo is the exclusive licensee for Paramount Hotel Development in Indonesia

Best team to ensure smooth execution

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Our Team

Syed Nazim Syed Faisal

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Syed Nazim is Amindo’s President Commisioner. As a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, he obtained his Bachelor of Accountancy Degree from The International Islamic University in Malaysia. Syed Nazim also holds a Masters Degree in Islamic finance.

Amongst his many achievements, Syed Nazim was involved in setting up Themed Attractions Resorts and Hotels, a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, in Malaysia. In addition, he led the successful company listing and initial public offering (IPO) of Serba Dinamik Holdings on the Malaysian stock exchange (Bursa Malaysia) which garnered an award for Best Equity Deal in South East Asia.

In his role as Group Chief Finance Officer for Serba Dinamik Holdings, he has raised USD1.4 billion worth of funding and has successfully concluded numerous mergers and acquisitions for the company. He currently sits as a board member for listed companies in both Singapore and London. In addition, Syed Nazim’s other experiences include careers with KPMG, Media Prima Berhad and various banking and financial institutions.

Ir. Nurtang, MM

Managing Director
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Nurtang founded Amindo in 2007 and is currently the Managing Director. As a graduate from Universitas Borobudur Jakarta, Nurtang obtained a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He holds memberships with the Institution of Engineers Indonesia, the National Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia and Group of National Construction Executor Indonesia (GAPENSI)

Nurtang has vast experience within the Engineering and Construction sectors, and has led Amindo to successfully position itself within the Infrastructure Development, Telecommunications and Energy industries. In addition, Nurtang has had previous experience in the Film Production industry.

Saifful Azhar Sabaruddin (SAS) MBA UK, MIM Australia

Project / Brand Advisor
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Over the past 21 years Saifful has been spearheading Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism projects for leading brands and IP’s in Malaysia and internationally, from conceptual planning to overall project development. Saifful is the creator and co-founder of a tourist attraction in Melaka, Malaysia that is recognised by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). ICOMOS is an advisory body to the UNESCO World Heritage committee.

As a result of his strong track record both in Malaysia and Thailand, Saifful is often regarded as a ‘go-to’ person with regards to developing and project managing tourist destination and resorts. His successful business portfolio includes South Beach Singapore by CDL, Singapore Airlines, M&C, Star Cruise, Tourism Australia, Macau and Tourism Korea.

Saifful’s past experiences include Co-Producing tourism programs such as PATA, ATF and Colours of Malaysia. Attraction production with leading brand names in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and the Middle East. In addition, many of the attractions he has worked on are listed within the 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100.

//How We Work



When PT Amorsk Indonesia was founded in 2007, we felt a limitless enthusiasm for the possibilities of geographic information system investment potential for Indonesia. We understood that this company and its investments could bring a better future.

Our confidence is to build on the belief that geography and brand matters. It will fundamentally influence and connect many cultures, societies and ways of life.

Our leadership is nimble and is ready to evolve to meet the changing needs of government, business, natural resources, conservation, science or anything we encounter moving forward.

Presently, PT Amorsk Indonesia has forged alliances with partners worldwide who work with a vast network of business alliances and customers. Each one makes a unique contribution to this remarkable partnership. Each one makes a difference.

As you uncover PT Amorsk Indonesia you will be inspired to be part of the community we are creating where all our business partners work together and combine our unique skills to create a better world and home… a Utopia
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Our Brand Philosophy

Whenever the old gives way to the new, anyone with a vested interest in the old will cry in fear the that the world will cease. Those with a vested interest in the new may not care about the legacy and the values of old. However, we believe in moving forward whilst embracing both old and new tighter, the lessons of the past, its culture, its history, its legacy and its wealth of beauty that can never be faded.
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Our Corporate Statement

  1. > A brand that respects culture, history, nature and legacy values that uncovers unity and diversity.
  2. > Our brand is the thing that sets us apart and makes you matter to your marketplace.
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